Faithful Faye

Even if the sun goes down and ends the light of day, it’s rising on a new horizon somewhere far away.

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Welcome to my (or shall we say our?) website!

Assistance and/or service dogs are slowly becoming more and more of a common sight these days. After ages of mankind domesticating pets, and many people around the world experiencing the joy of owning a pet, we are slowly becoming aware of the massive benefits they can have. There is a lot of research done these days, and it is proven animals can aid humans towards a better and happier life. Most of the time those benefits are seen and ‘used’ in a homely environment. Having a cat waiting for you when you come home, caring for a fish and learning responsibility, having a hamsterbuddy that you can watch at night when you can’t sleep or walking the dog for some relaxation and/or exercise are some of the simpeler examples. But there are cases where animals/pets can do even more. They are an essential part of the quality of life for their owners and the people close to them.

And Faye is one of them.

On this website and with my blog I hope I can give you an open and honest glimpse in this world of special pets.

Loes & Faye