So, the weather has been cooling down a bit, and it was definitely time to pick up having some fun again. SO took the dayshift since therapy started again, also good for her since she has the tendency to follow my every lead and have some difficulties with me not being around. That’s partially good, seeing as I need her to be focused on me. But there’s also a big need for her to be able to stay with SO or R for fun or just because they might need to take over. And after two weeks of flying solo (yay for holidays) I left her with SO.
Luckily she transferred easily and they are managing their own language and are learning how to talk to each other.

After I got home I needed some relaxation, but still tired of all the nights and work, and also more pain because well…of the nights and hard work. But she obviously needed some time to run wild. J came back after two weeks as well with Bram, and they also needed some outdoor time. So today we went to a patch of heath/sand closeby. It’s an official ‘dogs run free’ area so that’s most part of the fun. We never got there before since it’s not possible to go to the entrance by car. A lot of logistics not cooperating. Having the doggy ride behind my wheelchair helps, I can take (and took her before)Faye, but that still leaves J. After some sniffing around on a map it looked like we could get the car close by and only have to walk about 275 meters. To most that probably looks like easy peasy, but for us it means planning, checking, gearing up and some good deliberation on the cost of going there that way. But well, we did it! And oh how we loved it…

There was nobody there, aside the occasional cyclist passing by at about 30 meters away. We sat in the sand, close to the shallow (warm) pool and just enjoyed our dogs doing their thing. (yes the water is clean) Compared to Engelermeer it’s pure relaxing bliss. We can lie down, close our eyes for a second and not have to worry about 15 dogs running up. Bram still has some social issues, and Faye is still anxious because of that black fucking mop that lives downstairs.

Faye took on official landscaping business, digging trenches, cutting some overgrown vegetation and basically just going total apeshit. Could make it a really long story, but the basics are just that she had a lot of fun and loves running around in shallow water and making a mess of herself. Bram just did his thing, being happy chasing down the frogs.

So we made plans to go back soon, take a long some beach umbrellas, food, books, something to lie on and just make it a day. Our dogs can do their thing, seeking shade or sun, playing and just be happy. And we can relax.