Short answer: Yes, loads.

Long answer: Much more than you might expect. The most important thing for me is her happiness. My dog is only able to help me fully if she’s feeling good herself. So next to work she will have the chance to have her own hobby in something she likes, for example agility. But also when not at work she will have plenty of time to rest, play and relax. If we’re talking percentages it will probably be about 20% work and 80% free time. And don’t forget, where many pets stay at home and have to wait all day, mine can tag along. And there’s the part of socializing and training. From an early age we teach her going out is fun, exploring is fun and of course they are picked to have that curious character trait. She can see the world, always be near to me never have to wait home alone, get lots of attention when she’s not wearing her vest and she receives a lot of one on one attention and love.
Basically, it’s living the dream for a well socialized dog.