Short answer: Yes! We are in training and will be in training until we finished our final exam and passed al requirements. Which will take somewhere between 1,5 and 3 years. I will happily give out more details to those that are interested (like the name of the organisation)

Long answer: Also a very common question. And one that does have a lot of right to be there. In almost all cases I am thankful for people asking the question. Because in short, it means they are aware it takes extra time, money, care and special training. Anyone can say their pet is a service and/or assistance animal. But that does not mean they are actually equipped to be one. And there is some gray area involved world wide that is being abused. There are even people flat out illegally using the confusion about these animals for their own good. Which comes with all kind of consequences, like dogs reacting aggressive or inappropriate in a store. Which in turn gives owners of certified animals a bad name and usually problems with entering stores. Problems a lot of us can’t handle because of things like anxiety, autism or social problems. If people come up to someone who has a service animal that is fully trained, with this specific question, the answer is easily given. And most of the time we’re proud of our fully certified animals. So, speaking for myself and the people around me I can only say keep asking such question, raise awareness and help us make sure there are no ‘duds’ in between the officially trained.