Short answer: That depends, you can apply to an organisation local to you that trains, works with or provides animals that are certified to help you. However, just taking your pet, slapping on a vest and a tag does not, and never will, make it an assistance dog in every aspect of the word.

Long answer: Many people choose to train their own assistance animal these days. Most of the guide dogs for blind and ADL dogs(assistant daily living) and some other groups are trained by organisations. Simply because it is near to impossible for their owners to teach them everything they need to know. The group that leans more toward assistance on a psychological aspect are more keen to train their own dog. Just because the benefit of getting to know your dog and vice versa is a huge pro in this type of training. You’ll learn to walk and talk to each other way faster and you’ll bond as a team much sooner. Which is needed, since you are taking on the world as a team.

However, there is a difference between the pure technical term and the theoretical way you feel about your dog. If you can find comfort, love, help or anything else with your pet, in a simple sense it is an assistance pet for you. Seeing as they are assisting you towards a better life. And I for one will never say they are not or what you have and feel is not real. However, there is a line that is drawn to make a difference for those who need their pet beyond the safety of their home to partake in life. And those pets meet the technical terms of what an assistance dog should be able to do. And it is not possible to ‘just make’ one. You do need a qualified organisation behind you to do that.